Tailings dams quantitative risk assessment

Tailings dams quantitative risk assessment has to rely on proper evaluation of consequences and probabilities. The goal is to be able to economically and swiftly prioritize a portfolio of dams. That is in order to develop risk informed decision making for mitigation as also discussed in a recent blogpost. ORE2_Tailings app to evaluate probabilities ORE2_Tailings app is primarily addressing the needs of owners or regulators of dam portfolios. A dam portfolio may cover several extractive centers, several mining companies with…

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Tactical and Strategic tailings dams risk management

Tailings 2.0 is designed to allow Tactical and strategic tailings dams risk management. Tactical and strategic tailings dams risk management The definition of corporate risk tolerance and acceptability foreseen in Tailings 2.0 allows to sort risks in tolerable/acceptable, intolerable but manageable, intolerable and requiring a strategic shift (in short: strategic risks). This is the most pertinent and efficient way to sort risks. We can actually see the three different classes of risk, namely the blue, yellow and red classes. The…

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